How Does the Magic Happen?

About Us

It all starts with the consultation.

Our all in one, owner/designer/project manager, Stephanie J. Ortman is your point person. You’ll meet to discuss the pros and cons of your current space and what you would love your kitchen to become.

Stephanie understands that you have been thinking about this project for a long time, and she takes the time to really listen to what you want to achieve with your kitchen renovation. Her background in interior design – specifically kitchen design – is an asset when guiding customers through the many, many intricacies of reworking the heart of the home. From color selection, to decorative details, Stephanie understands the importance of every choice. 

Should you be in the market for new countertops and/or backsplash, Stephanie will help you with that too! The list of decisions that need to be made during a makeover can feel daunting for some. Rest assured, Stephanie LOVES what she does, and stands ready to help you walk through all of those choices together with you.

Once all of the selections have been made and you are ready for your work to begin, the staff at Custom Cabinetry Finishes is second to none! Jesse Lemon, John Wylie & Dave Durdaller are the hardworking members of the CCF team that will bring your vision to life. Their experience, dedication and pride in their work are reflected in each project we complete.

Together, the team has worked in sync to makeover more than 250 kitchens throughout the Bucks & Montgomery Counties. (We also travel to New Jersey shore points, so let us know if it’s time for a beach house kitchen upgrade!)

We would love to use our experience to help you reimagine your space so please click here for a free consultation!


Meet to discuss the pros and cons of your current space and what you would love your kitchen to become
This is the design phase of the project. From color and layout to finishing details that make the kitchen feel more custom, this is where we spend the time to make sure every decision brings your kitchen to its fullest, most beautiful potential.
We Get to Work
Our staff will begin work on your proect and get it done quickly and eficiently, so you have as little down time as possible.
Live in your new kitchen space at a fraction of the cost of a complete renovation!
New Backsplash and cabinets

Our Founder

Stephanie Ortman

Nearly 20 years ago, Stephanie was moving into a new-construction home. When family and friends consistently asked “Who did your interior design?”, she knew she had found her career. Everything from color and fabric choices to finishes and window treatments to room styling and accessories – all the decisions and custom-like looks were hers.

Several years later, Stephanie introduced her own full-service, interior design consulting firm – SJM Designs. Her projects included design work for literally every room in a home, and for three years, she was a featured designer in the annual Bucks County Designer House & Gardens events. Her show-house spaces included an elegantly organized laundry room space, a spacious and inviting theater room, and finally, a collaboration with Cyndi Haaz of Cyndi & Co. on a full scale, farmhouse kitchen renovation.

The designer home kitchen project led to more and more kitchen renovations and Stephanie’s focus, today, on reimagining the heart of the home for her clients. Her experience working with both a cabinet refacing company and a cabinet refinishing company means she has consulted on and/or designed more than 650 kitchens throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties as well as the Jersey Shore.

In addition to her design sense, Stephanie’s value-add is her deep understanding of the vendors and resources in the region. She has sourced trusted partners for everything design-related from materials and furnishings to the most skilled carpenters, painters, electricians, flooring and countertop installers… you name it.

Now, Stephanie is rolling all of that experience into Custom Cabinetry Finishes by SJM Designs to make your space everything you want it to be.

She’ll tell you that she’s head-over-heels in love with what she does for clients like you (she will, just ask her)! She’s also crazy about these people – her combined family with husband, Shawn, their five, terrific kids, her incredibly supportive parents, and, of course, Zoe, the world’s cutest Pomeranian!

What's next?

Free Consultation

Set-up a free consultation to discuss your project.  We are excited to share our ideas with you!

What's next?

Contact Us

Set-up a free consultation to discuss your project.  We are excited to share our ideas with you!